Weatherization / HARRP Program

The Weatherization Program serves Wayne, Greene,

Pitt, Wilson and Lenoir Counties.


For more information please call (919) 734-1178, ext. 240.

The Weatherization Program helps to reduce the energy cost for low-income households through client education, air sealing, and adding insulation where practical. To insure client safety, the program also checks for hazards, lead-based paint, mold and mildew, carbon monoxide, and improper ventilation. Once a program that just replaced windows and doors, Weatherization is now more involved with evaluation of the home and educating the client as it relates to overall energy usage.

Typical services may include:

  1. Replacing existing lighting with energy efficient bulbs
  2. Improving health and safety conditions by addressing carbon monoxide levels and combustion safety
  3. Sealing major air leaks
  4. Installing insulation in attics, walls, and floors
  5. Sealing and insulating ducts
  6. Installing a smart thermostat
  7. Performing tune-ups and repairs to heating and cooling systems

The HARRP program focuses on the repair and/or replacement of heating and cooling devices in homes of eligible elderly and disabled persons. The programs serve Wayne, Greene, Wilson and Lenoir Counties.

The Weatherization program accepts applications throughout the year. For more information call (919) 734-1178, ext. 240. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions. Click the following link to download a copy of the Weatherization brochure: Weatherization Brochure.